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Make Money Online With Google Adsense


If you wish to make money online, then there are lots of way to achieve it. But I personally recommend you to go for google adsense.

”What Is Google Adsense?” –  If you are a beginner, then this will be the first question hitching your mind right now.

What Is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a free advertisement program by which you can display targeted ads on your blog/website.

How To Participate In Google Adsense?

You need to signup for google adsense and register your blog/website. Once you finished your registeration, then please wait for the approval email from google adsense.

Got Adsense Account Approved – What’s next?

Login to your adsense account, get the adsense code and place it in your blog where you want to display ads.

Placed The Adsense Code – What’s Next?

Ads will start to appear on your blog after sometime ( within 15 to 30 minutes) and you will start to earn from each clicks you receive from your readers.

How Much I can Earn From Each Adsense Clicks?

Adsense Earnings depends upon various factors, but it’s said that a minimum you will receive $0.01 and maximum of $100+ for one click. Highest adsense click I ever received is $20.

How Will I Get Paid By Adsense?

Once you reach the minimum threshold of $100 in your adsense account you will receive a cheque from google to the address you mentioned during the sign up.


That’s how you can make money online by adsense. I will write a detailed article on making money from adsense in future.

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