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How To Make Money Online By Affiliate Marketing – 11 Golden Tips



Making money online by affiliate marketing is considered as one of the best ways to make money from blogs. But to start earning from it is not that mush easy and even some professional bloggers fail in this approach. I didn’t say this to reduce your confidence, but just to make you clear that affiliate marketing is really tough and it takes lots of time to make money.

If you plan and act in right way, then you can really make lots of money by this method. So before going in detail about it, I wish to share some basic information.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing strategy in which a company or a business shares you a certain percentage of amount from the total revenue you generated for them.

How to get start with affiliate marketing?

Lots of affiliate program sites are available online and you can start displaying the affiliated banners or links once you complete the registration on those sites. For your quick reference, I am going to list few well known, popular and legislate affiliate programs. You can signup in the below sites and start earning.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Commission Junction

eBay Affiliate Program

Is making money by affiliate marketing is easy?

As I already mentioned above, making money by affiliate marketing is one of the toughest jobs and you need to put lots of effort to earn from it.

Then, how to make money online by affiliate marketing?

If you wish to be a successful affiliate marketer and to make money from it, then you must follow the below tips.

Tips To Rocket Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Earnings

1) Your Site’s/blog’s content

I have a valid and strong reason to put this point in first place because your blog’s content is the heart of your blog. If you don’t have proper content , then none of your affiliate links will be valued by the readers of your blog resulting in no revenue for you. So try to choose a nice or informative topic and start building your blog on it.

2) Be Honest and Trustworthy

If you want to make the clicks recieved on your affiliate links and banners to end-up in sale, then you must be honest and trustworthy. You should not recommend scam or useless products to your readers because it’s affects your blog’s readership to a great extent. Instead, be honest, write quality contents, earn readers trust and promote useful affiliate links to boost up your affiliate marketing earnings.

3) Stay Up To Date

Promote up to date products or timeless products.

I will explain it to you  with an example. Let’s imagine you have a blog where you write about software and you have placed few affiliate links or banner on it. If your affiliate link is for an older version of the software, then no one will click on the links for sure. So try to update your affiliate links as like your blog’s content.

4) Help Your Readers

The affiliate links should be an useful one for your readers in order to convert into a sale and to increase your affiliate earnings. Don’t try to provide affiliate links of your favorite books, music, phone etc unless they are really an useful one. Your blog’s readers are precious to you and so help them by affiliate links instead of making money from them, then money automatically flows in to your pocket.

5) Be Transparent

Please let your readers know that you earn money from the affiliate links. It make your readers to trust you and your blog’s content because you are transparent to your readers. You will get a consistent affiliate earning by doing so or else your affiliate income won’t be consistent. When reader’s of your blog came to know that you are making money on their purchase by some other source, then they might lose respect or trust that they had on your blog.  It’s always better to put a post-wide and site-wide disclosure regarding your affiliate links.

6) Choose Right Ad Placement

Can you make money from your affiliate links or banners if it’s been placed in the place where your user won’t see? No, you can’t even make a single penny. Try to place affiliate links on the place where your users click often or roll their mouse over etc. But how to track that? The next point is all about that only.

7) Make Use Of Latest Tools or Services

Nowadays, it’s possible to track where your users click or roll mouse over or see in your blog. You can make use of the services like google analyitics and heat maps to know more about your readers interaction and their activities on your site.

8) Choose Appropriate Affiliate Programs

You can choose an affiliate program that suits your needs. If you think that the payments are less or number of days for payment  are high or minimum threshold is too high, then you can choose the one that fits you. Choose the appropriate affiliate program to increase your affiliate earnings.

9) Know Your Site’s Readers

Will you sell fishes in your  flower shop? You won’t right. In the same way, you must put affiliate links or banners related to your blog’s topic and audience. Usually, readers hate to see unwanted links that are no way related to the article or blog.

10) Traffic

Not every click you recive on your blog will turn into a sale. So you have to get lots of traffic to get more clicks because converting a click into a sale is extremely a difficult job. Increase you web traffic as mush you can to increase your affiliate earnings.

11) Be Patient

Affiliate marketing is just like sowing a seed and waiting for the tree to grow. You place affiliate links, post articles regularly like watering the plants and one day you will ripe the fruit of affiliate marketing for sure.

Give affiliate marketing a try along with your hard work and you can make lots of money online by affiliate marketing.

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